• Everybody has a role to play

    How we hold our kids today, holds them tomorrow. Who are you holding?

  • We All Solid

    We All Solid is a program specifically aimed at addressing the different and similar ways bullying occurs in an Aboriginal context. It is based upon research conducted amongst Yamaji people (Midwest/Murchison Aboriginal people), from… Read More

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    About Solid Kids

    Bullying at school is very serious. All kids have the right to enjoy school and be able to attend ...
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    Meet the Team

    The Solid Kids, Solid Schools project is guided by a committed Steering Committee (SC). The SC ...
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    About Yamaji

    Yamaji (or Yamatji) is the name used to identify Aboriginal people in the Murchison and Gascoyne ...
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Well done in taking the first step to see how Solid Kids might be able to help you, your family, your students, your friend or yourself!

This website is about locally relevant and culturally secure positive relationship building and management in the Mid West Education District of Western Australia.

  • Bush Chooks

    On Elcho Island in the Northern Territory, a small community dance group has led to international stardom for a group of young dancers know as "The Chooky Dancers". It started out ...
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  • Be Solid Against Bullying

    A common misconception among students is that they are victims to bullying experiences because of their own shortcomings. Bullying is ...
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  • Inspiration

    Looking for some inspiration? Checkout Desert Designs on instagram Passionately promoting cultural and environmental awareness through art and design.

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