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Yarn Now! Poem


Snide remarks and innuendo
Running rampant in our town
They say it’s in the name of fun
To run somebody down
But it’s not that funny to those out there
Who constantly put up with the crap
To have to wear your unkind remarks
When you sink as low as that

That diva chat they say it’s great
And it’s really cheap as well
They get on there and go to town
their stories they love to tell
but do you people realize
your hurting someone out there
with your unkind words and trash talk
do you give a damn, do you care

I don’t know if you know this
But to be on diva chat
You have to be 18 years old
Did any of you know that
All it starts is trouble

In the end the fights will start
So how about you stop and think
Before you play your part

Author: Nola Gregory © 3-3-2010