Create your ‘solid’ poster

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Just follow the steps below to create a poster or flyer for your school or family.

How to create your own poster/flyer?
Step 1 Simply upload an image from your computer. Click the browse button and choose any image file. But be careful that the image is not to large. Around 500kb should be plenty to give you a good result. Click the next button.
Step 2 Now you can choose which size you want to create. The poster is going to be in A3 (297mm × 420mm) or A4 (210mm × 297mm) size and the flyer in A5 (148mm × 210mm) size respectively.
Step 3 In this step you are asked to enter your school name. The characters are limited to 45.
Step 4 and 5 The program allows you to upload a school logo for your poster/flyer. If you don't have a school logo you can skip that step. If you have a logo just upload your logo. In this step you can also resize the school image by dragging the rectangular over the preferred area. Click the next button once finished.
Step 6 Now you can apply colour filters to your uploaded school image. Also in this step you can move around the school image within the poster. Click the next button once finished.
Step 7 In this step you can choose between different poster sizes A3  (297mm × 420mm) or A4  (210mm × 297mm).
Step 8 In this step you have to register (or login if your a are already registered). We will not give your email address to others. We only need your email address to know where we can send the poster/flyer. After sign up or sign in you will receive a confirmation message. We will review your design and once approved we will send you your file ready for print out.