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Solid school review forms:

Solid school review

The above reviews are taken from the Solid Schools section and can be used as an assessment tool to review your school’s progress in establishing and maintaining culturally secure bullying procedures and practices in the Aboriginal context.

Where possible and appropriate, invite Aboriginal parents and carers, Aboriginal staff and Aboriginal students to be involved in the review. The differences in feedback from community members and school staff will give you an indication of the common understandings and school connectedness.

Most schools use the review in a workshop format where participants are divided into groups so that they may discuss each section and respond to the reflection questions. You can either allocate each group one section to review or you can ask every group to review all of the sections (the latter takes more time but is preferable for maximum input).

Completing the questions will provide a snapshot of how effective your school is at supporting Aboriginal students involved in bullying. Areas that are being done effectively should be celebrated and promoted. Areas that need attention become the basis for a solid bullying prevention and management plan.

Instructions for use

  • make sure everyone has a copy to read from
  • one person scribes the group discussion
  • another person reads out each question
  • the group responds with:
    • No – we are not doing this effectively in our school
    • Yes– we are doing this effectively in our school
    • Review – we have addressed this in our school but it needs to be improved