Solid Kids

This section is especially for Yamaji kids. There are two parts, an information section and a game section – both can help Yamaji kids to stay solid at school. It has information about what bullying is and suggestions for what Yamaji kids can do to have a solid school. We hope it is helpful if you or someone you know is involved in bullying at school.

The GameWhen you have learned all about bullying you can have a go at the game. Good Luck.
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Solid Kids messageIf you want to know what the Solid Kids message is read this section.
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About bullyingIf you want to know more about bullying read this section.
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HELP! - with bullyingIf you are being bullied or worried about being involved in bullying go to this section and find out what to do.
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Friends and groupsHaving good friends is important. Find out more about friends and friendship groups here.
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My solid schoolIf you would like to help stop bullying in your school read about what you can do in this section.
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