Solid Schools

This section is designed for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal adults who work in Yamaji schools. It has information about bullying in an Aboriginal context, helping school staff to be solid, and creating a solid school to support Yamaji students. Staff can also do a school review to help them work with parents and carers, Elders and Yamaji students to prevent and manage bullying at school.

Understanding bullying in an Aboriginal contextThe people of the Yamaji country have helped us to understand bullying in an Aboriginal context with the Yamaji community. Read about what we found out.
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Solid school staffSchool staff who are interested in creating a more culturally secure environment to address the prevention of bullying in an Aboriginal context are provided with strategies and understanding for the classroom.
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A solid school approachThis section is for school staff and community members who are interested in planning and implementing a whole-school approach to reducing and managing bullying in an Aboriginal context.
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