Be Solid Against Bullying

A common misconception among students is that they are victims to bullying experiences because of their own shortcomings. Bullying is usually not the victim’s fault! Kids who bully others are mainly looking to assert dominance or seek attention for popularity, and their bullying is always unwarranted. The best way to defeat bullying is by taking appropriate action. Some of the following solutions may help.

Conquer your fear!

There is nothing better than overcoming your fear which is used as a weakness against you. Bully’s are often encouraged when they sense fear. They will start off by testing the water with verbal or emotional humiliation. It gets worse if you act on the humiliation.

When you’re being bullied, try to be strong and show confidence. Tell them to stop. The guts you show will be good enough to let them know to back off. Tell them you’re not tolerate it any longer.

Colour-5Ignorance is bliss

Other times the best approach is to just ignore the bully and remain calm. This is best practice whenever there is a slightest chance of serious physical retaliation in case you tell them to stop. Seeing you keep your cool, will often discourage the bully from enjoying their actions. They will get tired of it and eventually stop.

Ignorance can also be effective when the bully is with a group of friends. Seeing failed attempts to frighten you can become embarrassing for them. This will hopefully discourage them bullying in the future.

Talk to someone

There are times when getting bullied becomes unbearable. Rather than feeling scared and thinking about leaving school, it is better to seek help from someone. Unburdening your heart to an appropriate person because giving up is not a solution.

Talking to parents about the problems will help you become stronger against bullying. Research suggests that children usually seek help from parents when they’re facing difficult situations. Family is usually the best source to rely on in resolving bullying problems.

There is a code of conduct against bullying in almost every school. Speak to a teacher you’re comfortable with. This can bring an end to they bullying and can also encourage your peers to voice their concerns about any bad experiences they have had and support your issue.


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