My Solid School

Together against bullying

Students can help to create a school environment that is safe, solid, and based on respect and a feeling of belonging to the school community.

Did you know?

  • Most students say they don’t like seeing bullying happening and would like to do something to stop it.
  • When students do step in to help the person being bullied, the bullying is more likely to stop completely.
  • As students get older they rely more and more on their friends for advice and support. So it is important for you to have the information and skills to support your friends when they need help.

Being a supportive student

Other kids give us wicked ideas on how to be a supportive student that does not accept bullying. These are some of their tips:

Start with yourself

  • Make a commitment not to support bullying in any way.
  • Do not harass, tease, or carry yarns about others.
  • Show your respect for others by valuing their differences.
  • Make friends who are different from you.

Know it is bullying

Bullying comes in many different forms that can be hurtful. Whether it’s smashing or pushing, teasing or name calling, ignoring or carrying yarns, don’t put up with bullying in your school or community. It makes everyone feel bad.

Keep track of ‘hot spots’

Work with friends to notice places where bullying occurs most commonly. We call these ‘hot spots’. Pass this information on to your AIEO (ATA or AEW), principal, or teacher.

Speak up!

When someone is bullying, speak up and tell them bullying is wrong. If it doesn’t feel safe to tell the person bullying that you and your friends won’t be involved, get help from a teacher or a trusted adult.

Help the person being bullied

Make an effort to get to know kids who are bullied. If they seem sad or worried, tell them there is help. Support them to tell a parent, teacher or another trusted adult.

Students who bully need help too

Be firm that bullying is wrong but don’t ever be mean to the person bullying. Remember – two wrongs don’t make a right.

Walk away!

By standing and watching bullying, you’re encouraging it. Walk away to show you don’t support bullying, and if you see something mean, nasty or threatening happening, try to get help.

Choose your friends wisely

Make it clear to your friends that you will not be involved in bullying.

Share the responsibility

Everyone has a responsibility to help stop bullying. Spread the word that bullying isn’t cool. Support other students. When you speak up or get help for others being bullied, you are doing your part to make your school safe and solid.

Be a leader

Take steps to stop bullying in your school. You could talk to your AIEO (ATA or AEW), teacher or principal and help in setting up a program so that it is a safe and solid school.