Say NO to Bullying!

Bullying is a major social dilemma in Australia. Did you know that every 1 out 3 aboriginal students (10-17 years old) are bullied in Australia? Racial bullying against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders has actually improved compared to the 31% rate reported in 2005. Three years later the figure was down to 10%. The depressing part is that many cases are undocumented and are not even part of these figures.

Bullying is an act where you harm someone intentionally and continuously to make them feel embarrassed, inferior and intimidated. It is done to make someone feel powerless! The most common types reported are Physical, Verbal, Racist, Emotional and Cyber bullying. Every Australian school is struggling hard to enforce anti-bullying strategies produced by them and policies to eliminate these problems in the first place.


A child being bullied becomes sensitive and begins to lack behind in studies and other activities. The victims are never comfortable with sharing their experiences. So this demands some extra attention from teachers who can be the best counselors in these difficult times. They need to encourage the students to speak up confidently. Listening to their problems is one thing; a sense of understanding should be promoted that should make the child feel that the listener is indeed trying to help them. It should always be reminded to the victims that they do not deserve to be bullied and they do not need to believe a single thing said to discourage them or to make them feel inferior. It is important to stay calm while listening, and once you, the counselor, have the full grasp of the situation, take appropriate action immediately..

Why is Bullying Common?

According to a study, the major reason behind bullying by individuals (bullies) was avenging for the same incidents which occurred with them in the past. All those who once were victims are now taking it out on individuals who are easy to dominate, especially students younger to them. This indicates that appropriate steps need to be taken or this problem isn’t going to end.

Another reason is having a casual attitude and considering bullying people as a fun activity. This is done to show off one’s power and influence over another person, especially when the bully has his/her group supporting the action.

Raise Your Voice!

It will be one of your worst decisions if you decide to keep silent to the wrong being done to you. The silence of the victims is what makes bullies stronger! So, stand up and face the person who is responsible. Be bold and strong. Tell them enough is enough because you are in no mood to further tolerate their nonsense.

If this attempt hadn’t been successful, don’t worry at all. The best thing was that you’ve the courage to be strong and stand up for yourself! Next thing you could do is to inform someone you can trust which can be either a teacher or your school counselor. You are most likely to solve the problem at this stage.

If still not resolved, then go have a chat with your parents. There is nothing to be ashamed of when you do. They would give you the best guidance and solutions to overcome the crisis.


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