Solid Kids

Bullying at school is very serious. All kids have the right to enjoy school and be able to attend without fear for their safety. Solid Kids, Solid Schools program was developed to reduce bullying in Yamaji schools.

This website will give you information about ways to prevent or deal better with bullying.

It will help you to remember that:

  • You should never put up with any bullying.
  • Always tell a teacher or a trusted adult if you are being bullied.
  • The problem can get worse or get harder to fix if you don’t tell a teacher or a trusted adult.
  • Never just stay away from school because of bullying; tell someone who can help.
  • Never go along with a person who is bullying someone by not telling a teacher. You are helping to bully.
  • If you know someone is being bullied, telling a teacher or another trusted adult what is happening is not dobbing. It is a way to help them be okay.
  • There are lots of actions you can take to stop bullying; physical fighting is not the best way because it often makes matters worse.
  • If you see someone being bullied, you should always try to do something positive to help. If you do nothing and just watch, you’re saying that bullying is okay with you. The best way for kids to get help is to tell an adult.


  • Everyone at your school has the right to work and learn in a place that is free from bullying and fear.
  • Everyone at your school should not abuse or bully others.
  • Every student at your school should feel okay to talk to an adult if they are worried about bullying and should expect that their worries will be dealt with properly.
  • Everyone at your school has a duty to protect each other from bullying and abuse.