We All Solid

We All Solid is a program specifically aimed at addressing the different and similar ways bullying occurs in an Aboriginal context. It is based upon research conducted amongst Yamaji people (Midwest/Murchison Aboriginal people), from young children, parents/care givers to Elders, from Aboriginal teachers to Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEO, ATA, AEW). The seven specific issues addressed in the films are those which have been most commonly identified as negatively impacting upon Yamaji students at school.

The series of films contained within the program are aimed at providing discussion points educators may utilise to engage students in further learning related to the content of each scenario. The three choices depicted in the scenarios are modelled as options that research indicated were often taken by Yamaji children/youth in these situations. The enacted modelled student responses accompanying each scenario found on the We All Solid DVD (e.g. Do Nothing, Talk to Someone and Talk to Family) provide an ideal teaching tool to highlight positive strategies students may employ to respond to bullying behaviours.

The accompanying Learning Materials are designed to enable students to understand and identify bullying behaviours explicitly in a social/emotional and physical context. Participation and engagement in the program is aimed at building educative understandings about what bullying is to empower and equip students to develop their own methods and resources for overcoming these issues.

The program integrates a range of learning areas across the curriculum including: Health, English, The Arts, Society and Environment and Technology and Enterprise. A range of learning activities have been designed and included to appeal to varied learning styles and can be utilised in schools