Guide intended to assist schools

A blueprint for best practice in teaching Aboriginal schoolchildren will be launched today by Tony Abbott who believes an ­Australian Indigenous Education Foundation scholarship student will one day have his job as Prime Minister.

The foundation, which funds 469 scholarship students from 230 communities across the nation, will today release a practical guide intended to assist schools to build a successful indigenous education program.

ANZ chairman David Gonski and the Prime Minister’s indigenous Advisory Council chairman Warren Mundine — who are both patrons of the foundation — will be present at the report’s launch alongside a bevy of business leaders including Qantas executive Olivia Wirth and Credit Suisse chair John O’Sullivan.

“Warren Mundine believes that one day a child in the AIEF program will be Prime Minister,” Mr Abbott will say today.

“When it happens, Warren, Andrew Penfold (the foundation’s executive director) and I … will be in the front rows of the public ­gallery,” he will say.

Read the full story at The Australian.


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